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Squirrel- Retired

Born April 1, 2016

Squirrel, our Queen, Retired August 2020

Squirrel was born on April Fools, and that is why Natasha picked out the name Squirrel as a joke, but she can be quite "squirrelly" so the name stuck!

We have worked with Squirrel on leash training, and take her outside for trips to the park and other adventures.  Her dam is Lovedove and her sire is Magic.  She has great contrast in her markings.  She has a heart similar to Lovey, but hers is turned sideways.  She is retired at the young age of 4, and now resides in Montana.

A Very Pregnant Queen!

Squirrel's First Batch 5 Kittens Born June 20, 2017

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