Green to Yellow Eyes
Love Dove, or Lovey as we usually call her is our first Bengal. Judy with AspenGold Bengals was amazing with answering all our questions!
Lovey, Cuddles, and Cleo, her first kitten.
Lovey's pattern
Great contrast from caramel to the dark spots, she also has wings on her shoulders.
TICA 2015 Champion
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Lovey, or officially LoveDove, was our first Bengal that we bought and raised.  She is an amazing cat- absolutely beautiful, as you can see by her title won by showing her at TICA.  We were won over by her caramel color and coat pattern, great spots with a heart on the left side- hence the name.

 She is smart and curious, and was mom to Cleo (first batch) and then Squirrel.  Lovey is now retired and no longer breeding.  We affectionately call her "cranky grandma" because she gets jealous when the new kittens play on her wheel.

Lovey sits like our own personal gargoyle on the fireplace chimney!

Climbing up high and checking everything out are all in a day's work!

Snuggles with Cleo, Lovey's first kitten

Snuggles with Cleo, Lovey's first kitten

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