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As of February 2024, we have 2 new liters, and one more on the way.

Please follow us on Facebook at Silkenfur and Silkenfur_Denver for the most recent pictures.   


Little brown girl is on left, and above.  She has really nice rosettes that should continue to darken and become more distinct.  

Her brother is on the right, and he has more spots than rosettes.  

Enjoy these pictures and videos of previous kittens

who have been placed with their fur-ever families.  

We hand-raise each kitten in an affectionate family environment,

and take great pride in producing beautiful, well-loved and socialized, fun-loving and affectionate Bengal kittens!

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Meet Tiny, Candy, and Avalanche!

They went to their FUR-ever homes mid-December 2023. 


Our little boy, Avalanche, and two gals, Tiny Scoop, and Cotton Candy!

They are PLAYFUL, affectionate, curious, and well-socialized rosette kittens. They are ready to go to their forever homes in December.  Call or email now for details!

These current pictures were taken on November 24.

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