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4H for cats!

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Natasha has had the opportunity to be in 4H for four years now, and she has done projects for cats, meat rabbits, and pet rabbit. We wanted to highlight the newer option to do cat projects, since her first year had 3 other kids involved, and then the next 2 years she was the only one who did the projects. She had lots of fun bringing Squirrel to meet the other cats and kids.

Project Workbooks

The project workbook gets more involved, starting from basic cat care in the beginning to potential diseases and illnesses that they could possibly get. At the end of the project, she created a display board about a topic of her choice regarding cats and their care.

There was not the option to show the cats at the fair, but hopefully they will be able to do it in future years.

#4H #CatShows

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