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4 kittens, 2 spotted, 2 marble.  


Tiny, the smallest of the litter.  Sold

Tiny is the most friendly and cuddly of the bunch.  He wants to see us when he first gets up in the morning and will come to play with the people over the other kittens.  For a Christmas Kitten, he is definitely most like Tiny Tim, such a sweet and loving personality!


Big Boy, the largest of the litter


Big Boy is the largest of the litter.  Our other marble, he is a bundle of energy.  When we go in to feed breakfast in the morning, he is not interested at first, because it is TIME TO PLAY!!!  Super curious and the first to explore new territory.


Benny, Male Spotted Sold


Benny went to a wonderful home where they were looking for a cat who wouldn't cause allergic reactions.

Capri, Female Spotted, Sold 


Capri is now one of beautiful cats that fill the household of Aspengold Bengals.  Hopefully she will become a great queen for Judy and Jim!

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