This braided horsehair bracelet is made in a wide 3 braid width and is adjustable to slide onto any arm with a decorative half hitch knot trim.  Proudly made in Boulder, CO.  

Product care:

The horsehair can be cleaned with a damp cloth and some hand soap.

horsehair tends to have a "strong memory" unless it is moistened. misshapen braids can be straightened by dampening the horsehair with a wet cloth and allowed to dry. once dry it will retain its new shape. the hair should not be soaked-- particularly not the "strong" colors such as turquoise, red and blue since the vegetable dyes can run and stain adjacent braids.  Loose hairs sticking out of a braid can be clipped off carefully using nail clippers without affecting the integrity of the braid in question.

Genuine Horsehair Bracelet